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If you like fast-paced books with plenty of action, lively dialogue and humour I think you will enjoy my books. Killpoint, my second novel was released on 13 April 2012 
You can buy Killpoint and my first novel, Shifter, from Uncial Press.

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Mark Tanner, a wise-cracking, disillusioned U.S. veteran and casualty of the War on Terror in Afghanistan, whiles his time away in a sleazy trailer park surrounded by a cast of eccentric misfits. After losing a bet with his long time army buddy, Bear, Mark begrudgingly agrees to be the personal trainer of the young tennis prodigy, Brooke Wentworth.
Brooke is intrigued by Mark’s reticence in discussing his past and the sardonic, lay-back manner in which he approaches life. Mark, deeply wounded by a mysterious childhood tragedy and his horrifying experiences in Afghanistan, treats everyone with the same mocking, ironical manner.
Mark is almost obsessively loyal to his friends. Through incredibly realistic and gritty war scenes we see the harrowing experiences Mark goes through in order to protect the ones who are dear to him. Mark’s haunted childhood has scarred him indelibly with a refusal to accept loss. He now holds his friends and family, such as his sister, Jade, and Bear and his family, preternaturally dear to him in an almost inviolate regard. When Brooke mysteriously disappears, Mark spares no effort and no person in his endeavours to find her.
With his childhood friend, Bear, Mark cuts a swathe through both the criminal and tennis worlds. This results in both violent and humorous confrontations as Mark, with his acerbic wit and devil-may-care attitude, treats tennis players, white-supremacists, cops and crime bosses with equal amounts of disdain and disregard.
The mystery surrounding Brooke’s disappearance requires Mark to call on the assistance of some of the criminal, oddball talents of the residents of his trailer park; Mole, the computer whizz, horrifically wounded in Afghanistan, and Fats, the unbelievably obese crime boss.
Brooke’s disappearance seems linked to events in her past. Mark must try to put aside his own demons while he tries to navigate his way through the lies and deceit to the awful and tragic truth behind her kidnapping. In an explosive finale, Mark both saves and loses someone close to him when his tortured past catches up with the events of the present.
Killpoint works on several levels. It is an exciting thriller with many gripping action scenes and unexpected twists and turns as Mark delves into Brooke’s disappearance with his inimitable, sardonic humour. It also is the story of soldiers returning from war and coping with a society that now seems superficial and spurious. On another level, it is also a story of the inter-connectedness of people and the randomness of fate in deciding the path of people’s lives. Yet ultimately, the story is about friendship, loyalty and love, and the lengths one man will go to protect and honour his own.       

You can read an excerpt from Killpoint by clicking on 'Killpoint' in the navigation link.

                                           What is it about?                              
Jamie Race is on the run. Not surprising when you are the world’s first shapeshifter. All that stands between Jaime and a life time of incarceration are his wits, his shape changing ability and the love of two girls, Amy and Celeste. A clandestine government organisation, known only as the Company, killed his mother and is pursuing him relentlessly. He thought things couldn’t get much worse.
Suddenly, he comes across the path of Theo Tanis, a millionaire businessman with a secret life. Jaime’s first mistake was discovering Theo’s deadly passion. His second was falling for Theo’s super model girlfriend, Samantha. Jaime soon learnt it wasn’t wise to piss off a rich, lunatic serial killer.
Jamie leads Theo and Dr Locke, the ruthless scientist responsible for his powers, through a wild and hair raising chase through the wilds of outback Australia, his freedom and his life the prize. 
            If things weren’t complicated enough, Jamie also has to deal with the emotional roller coaster of his shape shifting body. When he suddenly develops the ability to change into females, things get very confusing. How does a nineteen year old boy of limited sexual experience cope when he suddenly finds that the macho biker, Chad, who saves his life, has the hots for him? Or rather, her! And what is his circus star girlfriend, Celeste, going to say when she learns out that he slept with a biker? Not to mention the gay martial arts instructor, Amy, that falls for him when he is a girl!
All this is a lot to handle for your average, nineteen year old shapeshifter.

Here is a small taste:

As I took the clothes, he grabbed my wrists. I yelled in pain as he pushed both my hands behind me and up high toward my shoulder blades.
The goddam tiny bathroom gown separated, and my whole naked front was held hard against him. I couldn't move.
He fondled my breast roughly. "Very nice." He sounded as if he was commenting on how well someone had mowed his lawn. He touched my medallion. "What's this?"
When I didn't answer him, he mashed his lips against mine. I bit as hard as I could and felt a chunk of his lip come away. He screamed and slapped me hard on the side of the head.
I fell down.
"You bitch. You little bitch. You've bitten off my lip."
"You want it back?" I spat the chunk I had bitten off at him. It hit his legs and fell onto the carpet.
Blood poured down his chin and soaked his white shirt. Mouth open in a grimace of pain, he stared disbelievingly at the bloody chunk of lip on the carpet.
 "You shouldn't have done that," he said, as he picked a large carving knife off the serving cart. "You don't know what you've got yourself into."

You will be able to purchase Shifter and Killpoint from Uncial Press at  www.uncialpress.com

You can read another exerpt from Shifter on this site by clicking on Shifter in the navigation link. 

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